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Started on 10. Feb 20233 päeva

DETOX YOUR BODY with healthy vegetarian food, 3 day program

Why detox?

  • So you can feel energetic again
  • To improve your state of wellbeing
  • Give your body a rest and let the toxins release from your body
  • Improved digestion and nutrient absorption
  • Chronic health conditions may improve, such as headaches, irritable bowel, skin conditions

For who is DETOX intended for?

  • For a person with busy lifestyle who has little time for self-preparation
  • For first time detoxers
  • For a person who needs additional support from a therapist
  • If you wish to eat light but healthy means dring detox that are full of vitamins and minerals, and not to be on a water fast only and suffer for days due to hunger

Who shoud NOT try the DETOX program?

  • In case of pregnancy or diabetes
  • Severe heart, liver, kidney disease or lung failure
  • Consult with therapist before you start for any other chronic condition that you might have

What is included in the program?

  • 3 day detox menu (gluten and casein free, vegetarian)
  • Shopping list
  • Video guidance for a start with the program


  • 90 euros, as an individual course;
  • 160 euros, in case you wish to have an individual nutritional therapy session with Liis Salus additionally (duration 1 h).


Necessary: computer and Internet connection, hand mixer and/or food processor.

Additional information: nutritional therapist Liis Salus, LS Health OÜ. Email