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Started on 5. Jul 2022

1 week, online, individual course

This nutrition program helps you to get to know your body, digestive tract and feel better. It is intended for people with digestive problems. After the end of the program you will know which foods are good for you and which ones are not. You can make conscious and healthy choices with foods, including all important food groups.

Why try the program?
– You are suffering from digestive problems (bloating, stomach pains, cramps, diarhhea, constipation)
– You are tred of being alone
– You cannot identify the problem foods or food groups and need support

Participants in the program get:
– 1 week menu with recipes (gluten, casein, dairy free)
– Shopping list
– Video instructions for the start

– 120 euros;
– 160 euros, in case you wish to have an individual nutritional therapy session with Liis Salus additionally (duration 1 h).


Additional information: nutritional therapist Liis Salus, LS Health OÜ. Email