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Liis Salus

A Nutritional Therapist gives advice for better nutritional choices in case of various medical conditions.
You are welcome to the consultation also if you just wish to improve your lifestyle with better dietary choices and need a support from a specialist.

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Feedback from participants in programs

„Detox Program”:  I didn´t feel hungry at all. And it is interesting that gas, bloating and pain in digestive tract was gone. These complaints I have had for years on daily basis. I feel much lighter. Also got rid of my headaches.


“Detox Program”:  I liked that there was enough of fresh food and my general wellbeing was stable and good. Already on second day I felt myself lighter and having more energy. Also my digestion changed to faster and more pleasant overall.


„Digestion Program“: I feel like this is how I want to continue eating. I prepared the foods with good feeling and excitement. The effect of this kind of nutrition to the overall health is just immense. I do not experience stomach or digestive pains any more. After meals I feel light.  I am so happy I decided to contact you.


“FODMAP” I really liked the program, it gave me better general feeling and wellbeing, better mood and also the pain in my gut reduced significantly.


“Weight Loss Program” Menu had new and tasty recipes which were easy to prepare. The dinner I prepared also included half of it for next day´s lunch. If you eat according to the plate rule then one will have no desire for sweets and snacking. I definately continue according to the instructions I received also at the same time enjoying the delicous foods.


“Cytolisa test” For me it has not been possible for years to live without stomach pains or bloating, Cytolisa test results with your advice has enabled me to feel like a normal person once again. I am very grateful.




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