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A Nutritional Therapist can advise in addition to regular nutrition guidelines also clients with various health problems, in order to avoid the deepening of the disease and to increase the general wellbeing in chronic conditions. A nutritional therapist does not diagnose or cure a client.

Nutritional therapist offers consultations in the following conditions and relies on it´s work to doctors and hospital guidelines regarding nutritonal recommendations:

* heart and blood diseases
* diabetes
* anemia
* kidney failure
* osteoporosis
* allergy
* cancer
* gout
* reflux (GERD), IBS, celiac
* bariatric operations

You are welcome to consultation also with following matters:

* gluten, casein, dairy, lactose free nutrition
* digestive problems (constipation, diarhhea, bloating, inflammatory bowel conditions)
*FODMAP diet guidance
* SCD diet guidance
* autoimmune diseases

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