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Cytotoxic testing allows to monitor the reaction of white blood cells under a microscope – which foods suit a person´s immune system and which not. Unsuitable food items may cause immunologic reaction which can lead to many health problems.

Food intolerance tests can be done in Tallinn or Tartu with a cover letter from the nutritional therapist. After the blood draw it takes about 2 weeks until the results come on. After that it is possible to come to consultation with the therapist. All tests include one free consultation (exception is the food intolerance test for 2 food substances).

*Consultation fees apply additionally to interpret the test results

Lamb milkCow milkGoat milkYeast
Dry yeastWheatRiceCorn
CodFlounder PotatoSquash

Monosodium glutamateGlycerinSodium nitrateAscorbic acid
Citric acidNickel sulphateE102 YellowE110 Orange
E120 RedE127 ErythrosineE155 BrownPectin
Polyphosphate E452Potassium sorbateSodium benzoate