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My journey in nutrition and healthy eating started in 2016 after being diagnosed with celiac disease and lactose intolerance. Food intolerance test detected also intolerance to cow´s dairy and yeast. Since then I have been gluten, dairy, white sugar and yeast free in my daily food choices, which has helped me to recover from abdominal pain, bloating, anemia, chronic ear infections, dry eyes, excessive sleeping hours and impoved my life quality significantly.

Beginning of 2017 I started my studies in Estonia as a nutritionist, graduated in 2018. Followed by nutritional therapy studies (graduated in 2019), functional nutritional counsellor studies (graduated in 2019) and lectures as a Functional Nutritional Therapist (2020). Previously I have worked and studied in finance and legal areas.

I am happy to support you on your new journey in healthy eating, when you have been diagnosed with celiac disease, lactose intolerance or for other reasons have to follow gluten and dairy fee diets (e.g. autoimmune condition).

The following dietary plans for digestive problems can be guided by me:

– FODMAP (for IBS, constipation, diarhhea, stomach pain, cramps)
– SCD (other inflammatory bowel conditions, such as Chrons disease, celiac disease, candida) 
– other special dietary needs.

Gluten and dairy free food inspiration is at:

You are welcome to the consultation! Start your journey today!

Health Coach & Nutritional Therapist
Liis Salus